If you read this word, you have probably noted this portfolio’s brand new theme.

It took me a couple of weeks to accept abandoning the horizontal scroll: I was convinced it could work out as a viable navigation; especially for a visual portfolio. But, I have to admit, it’s almost impossible to set it up properly without any bug or experience impediment. It wasn’t worth the fight: feedback I received did not send a good signal. I did try, though. At first. But let’s face it: it is almost impossible to build a modern website “horizontally”. Neither the DOM or the Javascript grammar offer proper ways to handle events and/or scrolling without being a pain.

So here it goes: back to normality, with vertical scrolling and classical layout, but not without a twist. Okay, the trendy part first: this website should be responsive (if it’s not, please bear with me and drop me a line over the social network of your choice; I’m reachable). Now, the coolest part: the welcome page does not display any bitmap. Firefox is not that good when we need SVG rendering but almost every other modern player in town now master this part. We all saw the recent debates on the likes of Smashing Magazine & co. but, now, if we could avoid bitmap — so, apart from pictures — we probably should.

What I demo here is in two part: first, the static (the alter-ego, all the iconography) and, second, the generative background. It took a little tinkering but I think you will be pleased by its result.