One year ago, I put online a refreshed version of this website. I first planned to publish an early iteration before improving, betting on the time I could leverage then… It was without counting on (better) odds; odds that pushed me away from my personnal projets and, in particuliar, from this very portfolio.


Months passed and I finally came to a point where I found necessary to take on lasting bugs and inconvenient UI. If you’re familiar with this site, maybe you didn’t notice any change, but the code has been deeply reworked: exit the clumsy fiddling; welcome AMD modules and proper JS patterns. I also kicked out the default scrollbar for my own (first) JQuery plugin (I may publish it on Github, at some point in the future). I began to adjust semantics, replacing tags every now and then, tweaking icons and doing an overall improvement of this website’s experience. One last detail: though I tried out some modern CSS in order to replace the blurred background, I had to kept the former method for performances concerns. See what AirBnB said on a similar subject. I couldn’t agree more.

What’s down the road, now?
I won’t make any promises since I know how it could turn out. I’m currently finishing some great product on my dayjob and, as a former customer, it’s very rewarding to see it blossoming. I wish I could post here some prototypes or screenshots, but I’m afraid I have to wait for it to go live. In the time being, I still have some random bugs (RequireJS refusing to load any ressources; standalone posts generating a couple a graphical issues etc.) to take care of, as well as optimizing the payload. I also will publish a couple of photographic series… Which you can also follow via the Moonmotel.