Portraits of current architecture — Manhattan
Not yet published.

Third installment in a series, following “Rio de Janeiro”, “Catalunya” and the on-going “Lutecia” project, I tried to portrait Manhattan as seen from the ground and picture an accurate representation of its version of the contemporary era.
not unlike Rio, Manhattan sports an identity we could trace back to how the districts are structured; how we could walk through its streets; how one could create a mental map of the city and reach his destination.
Though 9/11 is still rippling through our westerner culture, we should not overlook the profound transformations we could observe: north to south, from Harlem to Downtown, Manhattan irradiate modernity and peels off abandoned houses, surviving manufactures and adapts itself to human migration.

Digital. LX3. Aspect ratio: 16:9.

Manhattan - 1 - Simple exit Manhattan - 2 - NYU: façade Manhattan - 3 - HONGKONGSUPERMARKET Manhattan - 4 - Delivery bay Manhattan - 5 - Harlem lux Manhattan - 6 - Broken windows Manhattan - 7 - Workin'